Consultations are always free, for any service. We are not able to accept Medicaid, but please reach out for special pricing options. We offer assistance for clients to submit their own billing to their insurance or HSA.

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Now accepting clients who are seeking optimal pregnancy care. Often, standard providers are rushed, offer long waiting times with no respect or regard for your schedule, and lack knowledge of holistic, nutrition based health. Midwifery care in pregnancy focuses on the client, with sensitivity toward individual needs, schedules, and respect for shared decision making. Pregnancy care is designed for parents looking to get out of the fast food line with the standard U.S. medical system and discover a more gentle, informed, and respectful approach.

Your midwife invites you to navigate your pregnancy with empowering, personal care. Offering a gold standard, your visits with the midwife will be filled with encouragement, resources, appropriate testing and imaging, as well as up to date, research based medical knowledge.

Comfortable appointments with no cold exam rooms, low to no wait times, warm, personalized care, weekend hours, and plenty of support for your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Prenatal Care

  • Prenatal care: 8-14 visits
  • Postpartum care: standard 6 weeks postpartum (4 visits), or optional extended care to 12 weeks (7 visits)
  • Experienced VBAC provider
  • VIP specials: Monitrice services, home from the hospital check up, doula, massage, and more
  • Packages available to suit your family needs
  • Starting at $2800

Fertility Support

  • 4 Office visits, 1 hour each
  • Does not include labs
  • Email and phone support
  • Charting
  • Herbal, nutrition, hormonal approach
  • $450
  • $200 discount on upgrade to prenatal care

Community Birth Options

  • Community birth choices available
  • Prenatal, birth, postpartum, and limited newborn care
  • Standard 6 week postpartum with optional extended care to 12 weeks
  • Includes doula and childbirth education
  • Packages starting at $8200
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